Dear Friends,

Did you know I’m a big foodie? And I love to take pictures and videos of my food!  Equally I also love to travel!  So much so that my husband and I are exploring the idea of living in another country for half of the year…at least one day in the future. : )

So when I ventured out to fulfill my passion of real estate full-time, I made a conscious effort to do something different. And to not just offer real estate to my clients, but a lifestyle.

My team and I curate real estate options to fit your lifestyle.  It’s not just real estate…it’s a way of living (nearby airports, parks, community, restaurants, etc.). Here’s a peek at one of my fav local spots, Lucky Buns in AdMo, and their famous Dirty Bird Bun! They offer take out, delivery and outdoor dining…so be sure to support them! 

Speaking of food…simply put, dining out is an experience and breaking bread with friends, family and colleagues is about shared connections. Thought I would share this article with you, because I found it endearing, see excerpt below.

“The more we ate, the more we drank; the more we drank, the more we laughed.” 

What’s your desired lifestyle and fav spot to grab a bite?

For the love of Real Estate,
Tracey Williams Barnett


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